Our Executive Director Received Two International Awards

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Our Executive Director Received Two International Awards

Ato Wondu Bekele Woldemariam, Executive Director of Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society/MWECS/ & Focal Person of Consortium of Ethiopian NCD Associations/CENCDA/ received two international awards in a span of two days in New York & Washington DC. On September 21, 2017, Wondu received Enabler of Vision Award presented during International Conference on Gender and Sustainability (ICOGAS), being held at side event of United Nations meeting in New York.

From left, Wondu receiving the award, in the middle Wondu with H.E.Mrs. Roman Tesfaye, the First Lady of Ethiopia & recipients of the award.

On September 23, 2017, Wondu received people to people 2017 Exemplary Community Social Service Award from Mr. David Shinn, former Ambassador of USA to Ethiopia & Adjunct Professor, George Washington University & presented paper on What MWECS is doing in promoting cancer care in Ethiopia. Wondu received the award the same date & time mathy passed away 14 years ago, what a work & will of God!

From left, Wondu receiving the award, the award & with EBS TV Host of Helen Show,Mrs.Helen Mesfin & Professor Meskerem Tadesse, Chair, 2017 p2p Awards Committee posed for photo.

People to People (P2P) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care and reducing the spread of diseases, particularly in Ethiopia and in diaspora communities.P2P has no political, ethnic, or religious affiliation. P2P works to mobilize the global Ethiopian diaspora to play an active role in mitigating the impact of brain drain and to ignite a passion for realizing their shared responsibility to give back. Equipped with innovative ideas, valuable transnational networks, knowledge & expertise, strong values, and new technological skills, their network stands ready to take on many of the challenges facing communities and institutions in Ethiopia and elsewhere.P2P’s projects are focused on strengthening health systems through partnerships with local hospitals and universities, in which they engage the global Ethiopian diaspora in an attempt to bridge the knowledge gap and address the country’s severe shortage of health and medical professionals. P2P is Founded in 1999 and recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States (federal tax ID#61-1346918), P2P is an international network of organizations, with headquarters in the US and an office in Ethiopia that serves as a focal point for all global chapters of the organization, including Canada, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and more. There are currently more than 5,000 P2P members worldwide, including doctors and other professionals who strive to make a difference in the lives of others. P2P also holds consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNESCO).

According short bio of p2p poster “Ato Wondu Bekele Woldemariam is the General Manager & Founding member of Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society in Addis Ababa, named after his youngest son Mathiwos, who was lost in cancer at the tender age of 4. Ato Wondu took this horrific family tragedy and turned it into one of the most significant community service projects in Ethiopia—committed to fight this evil disease so it does not devastate other families as it did his.

Ato Wondu has dedicated his life and family resources to work with like-minded people and organizations to promote cancer awareness and prevention in Ethiopia, and to be an active participants and leader in the fight against cancer, both in Ethiopia and globally. The American Cancer Society in 2011 named him as a Global Cancer Ambassador for Ethiopia in recognition of his contribution & leadership role.

On behalf of our society’s management & staff, we would like to sincerely thank Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation/BMSF/-Secure the Future Program/SFP/, African Capacity Building Foundation/ACBF/& Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids/CFTFK/ for covering all travel costs of Mr. Wondu Bekele’s trip to New York & Washington. We are grateful to every single person and organization that showed the courage to step up and give of themselves. We are especially thankful to our sponsors and supporters, without whom we would not be able to support cancer patients and their families; to our general assembly members and board of directors for their productive guidance & leadership, to our volunteers with their relentless energy and selfless giving; to our staff and representatives who carry our name with dignity and pride; and to our beneficiaries, survivors and caregivers for showing us the way.

We would like to thank all involved and participated for their tireless advocacy in the lead up to this historical stage. This process has highlighted once again the enormous power of a united cancer control community. From the global to local level, we have united behind a common strategy and made our voices heard loud and clear. We have to continue our united effort and commitment and will not rest until we have quality health services for those living with cancer and other NCDs, and until measures are in place to stop the increase in new cases. Together, we are moving into a new era for global cancer control and more than ever before we are certain, together we can challenge the growing burden of cancer and can make a difference!