Mission and Vision

Vision, Mission, Purpose, Values


Based on the analysis made, the newly revised Vision. Mission and Purpose of the Society for the strategic planning period are stated as follows.


  • Vision- Seeing a Society fully aware of cancer.
  • Mission-Actively engage in control of pediatric and women cancer and their risk factors.
  • Purpose- Provide Care and support to cancer patients.


Values and Principles: MWECS advocates and promotes the values and principles that address its core project activities. The society also governed with national and international Standards. It follows Charities and Societies laws, Code of Conduct and International standard such as Humanitarian Accountability and Partnership (HAP, it will also:

  • Accountability:-the Society is accountable for its actions, decisions, policies, interventions and involvements in the community.
  • Transparency:-the Society’s work is transparent to all stakeholders and concerned bodies and agencies open in communications and sharing relevant information, in an appropriate form for stakeholders.
  • Ethics: – Doing the right thing. This value is essential to deserve the public’s trust.
  • Professionalism: – Upholding high technical and ethical standards. This value is essential to balance diverse public interests.
  • Participatory: –the Society employs a participatory approach in implementing its activities and interventions. Planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating program, and making sure beneficiaries understand and agree with the proposed humanitarian action and are aware of its implications.
  • Humanity: –concern for human welfare and respect for the individual.
  • Impartiality: –providing humanitarian assistance in proportion to needy and giving priority to the most urgent needs, without discrimination (including that based upon gender, age, race, disability, ethnic background, nationality or political, religious, cultural or organizational affiliation).
  • Progressive:-the Society is a learning organization open to change and progress by employing emerging technologies and strategies forward looking.

Strategic Objectives and major strategies


Based on the SLOT analysis, the stakeholder analysis and the discussion with the major stakeholders of the Society, the document review and in line with the purpose, mission and vision, the following six strategic goals are developed. The goals  in general  focus  on both  service  delivery  and  organizational  development aspects  of  the  society .


Goal   1.Comprehensive interventions focusing on most priority problems of target groups.

Goal  2.Ensure Sustainability of the Society.

GOAL  3.Enhance visibility of the Society.

Goal  4.Improve the organizational management system.

Goal  5.Enhance collaborations with partners and stakeholders.

GOAL  6.Continues quality improvement and mainstreaming of cross cutting issues.