Institutional Capacity Building Training Workshop for MWECS

Institutional capacity building training workshop was given to Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society/MWECS/ from August 18 to 22, 2014 at Management Sciences for Health/MSH/ conference center, here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Thanks to the management of BMS Foundation and particularly Phangisile Mtshali Manciya and STF Faculty member Dr Lillian Kimani; the training workshop created a very conducive environment to review and evaluate the on-going revision of strategic plan and articles of association of MWECS.


The specific objectives of the proposed BMSF funded project are:

  • Strengthened institutional capacity for Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society/MWECS.
  • Increased community awareness on Pediatric, Breast and Cervical cancer.
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination within the community.
  • Enabling environment for care and support and resources for pediatric, breast and cervical cancer patients created.
  • Enhanced the visibility and constituency base of the society in all regions of the country.


More than 40 participants including board of directors, all staff, members and volunteers of MWECS actively participated in the five days training workshop.

BMSF provided BMSF/TAP support to develop and strengthen the institution capacity of Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society/MWECS/ on two areas, Organizational Development (OD) and Governance. The training workshop was designed based on Capacity Institutional Assessment conducted earlier and the workshop allocated three days to cover Institutional Governance issues recommended by the society. Dr. Lillian Kimani managed to successfully conduct all of the subjects she covered and in getting full attention of all of the participants throughout the five days of the training. Her indepth insight of all the topics covered and her ability to encourage active participation transformed the training program into one of the most inspirational educational gathering of its kind we have seen in 10 years of MWECS’ existence. Almost all participants agreed on how Lillian inspired them to play active roles in MWECS effort to realize its vision and plans intended to challenge the growing burden of non-communicable diseases in general and cancer in particular. 

Dr. Lillian Kimani, Faculty Member of BMS led and managed almost all topic covered by the training workshop. Among other issues covered by the workshop include:

  • Organizational Leadership & Management Skills and Competencies.
  • The Importance of Leadership Development.
  • The Key Essential Management Skills.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Organizational Leadership.
  • General Organizational Management Competencies.
  • Organizational Management Skills.
  • Interpersonal relationship building and collaboration
  • Project Implementation and support skills.
  • Business and Grant Management skills.
  • Governance for NGO & CBO -Why do we need to focus on promoting Good Governance?
  • The Importance of Good Governance – Why local NGO &CSO fails to attraction donor fundings.
  • Principles of Good Governance.
  • Effectiveness of Organizational Governance.
  • Governance Structures.
  • Primary Characteristics  of Good Governance.
  • Review MWECS Governance Structure against the Best Practices.
  • Review of MWECS Constitution – Vision, Mission & Core Values.
  • Review of MWECS Constitution – Strategic Objectives & Purpose (Core business).
  • Board Member’ Common Law Duties.
  • Disclosure practices of Good Governance.
  • Review the current Strategic Plan – The Importance of Strategic Plan.

At the end of the training program, the participants agreed to form four sub committees so that the momentum of re-organizing the society continue and society will be able to organize itself on “Think Globally and Act Locally” principles. The sub-committees recommended include:

  • Awareness creation.
  • Membership drive and resource mobilization.
  • Public relation & branding.
  • Operation & research.

For more information please visit MNSF’s officeial website here.