Donation From Dr. Yasir And His Mother

Parents of pediatric cancer patients face many challenges in between treatments as the lack of beds does not allow them to have their children in the Black Lion Hospital, for long periods of time. Some of the parents are not able to return to rural areas due to lack of transport and they are forced to endure hardship and some are often remained homeless for period of “in between” treatments.

Donation from Dr. Yasir

We would like to thank Dr.Yasir and his mother their generous support. The money solely will be used to strengthen the on-going Cancer Impact Mitigation project intended to decrease the suffering of cancer patients and increase their survival rate.


From left, Mr. Wondu Bekele General Manager of MWECS receiving 2,500USD from Doctor Yasir donated from his mother and behind them is the would be cancer center for pediatric  and women cancer patients.