Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society (MWECS) was established by the first General Assembly meeting of the founding members of the Society held on April 17, 2004 and now it is twelve years old. MWECS is non-government and non-profit making organization that is dedicated to the national control of cancer in Ethiopia. The society is actively working in so many cancer related activities particularly in enhancing the awareness of society of cancer, its prevention and treatment possibilities. In addition to these, the society has been ardently working to improve treatment condition and helping to decrease the suffering of paediatric cancer patients and increase their survival rate.www.mathycancersoc.org

The Society began its quest by focusing its initial efforts on pediatric cancer and has been implementing cancer impact mitigation project since 2010.So far, the society supported more than 160 pediatric cancer patients and at the present supports 70 pediatric patients. The society covers cost of medicines and diagnostic laboratory services not provided by the Black Lion Hospital, transport from and to their regions and 500 Birr per month food support while the patients are under treatment at the hospital.

As of recently, the society started working on women cancers as one of its main focus area and towards these ends, started working with the Federal Ministry of Health/FMoH/, government and non government organizations to join forces intended to challenge the growing burden of women cancers which account for more than 50% of all cancer mortality and morbidity in Ethiopia. The long-awaited Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society’s Office and Psychosocial Support Center officially launched on February 10, 2015 by Mr. John Damonti, President of Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation accompanied by officials from the First Lady Office of Ethiopia and Federal Ministry of Health, the Honorable Margaret Spellings, President of George W. Bush Presidential Center and officials from several international organizations such as American Cancer Society, National Institute of Health, MSH, Cordaid, and partner organizations.

MWECS has been implementing anti-tobacco campaign in selected schools here in Addis Ababa and planning to expand the same to universities. Thanks to the support of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Campaign for Tobacco Free kids, we had been implementing project on tobacco control, the major objective of which is to introduce Comprehensive Tobacco Control Law/Bill in Ethiopia. The project being implemented with partnership of the Federal Ministry of Health/FMoH/, Food, Medicine & Health Care Administration and Control Authority/FMHACA/,Ethiopian Public Health Association,/EPHA/,World Health Organization Ethiopia Office, Consortium of Ethiopian NCD Associations/CENCDA/,African Union etc.Encouraged by the 12 months project performance, our society with collaboration of CTFK has conducted consultative workshop on tobacco, the main objective of which was to enhance the capacity of stakeholders and develop a country team and action plan for the next 12 months intended to support the development of comprehensive tobacco bill in Ethiopia.

MWECS finally succeeded in expanding its tobacco control intervention and towards these ends agreed to work with Africa Capacity Building Foundation/ACBF/ situated and operating from Harare, Zimbabwe. We have agreed to work on tobacco control in general and awareness creation & prevention in particular for the next three years.

As of 2012,has been implementing “Meet the Targets” project intended to encourage the timely implementation of Political Declaration on non-communicable diseases passed by United Nations Head of States in 2011.The American Cancer Society after evaluating the two years project implementation finally agreed to extend the project for another two years. The main objective of the project will be to consolidate the achievement scored so far and encourage FMoH to develop and implement the long awaited National Cancer Control Plan/Program/ of Ethiopia. The long awaited National Cancer Control Plan has been successfully developed and officially launched on October 26, 2015 by HE.W/o Roman Tesfaye, the First Lady of Ethiopia and Dr.Tekesteberhan Admassu, Mister of Health of Ethiopia.